Maybe I like animals more then I like people, but losing one always hits me hard and will bring tears to my eyes in a heart beat.  Even when it isn’t even mine.  There is this wonderful poem called “The Rainbow Bridge” (link opens in a new window if you want to read it)  The main jest of it is that when animals die, they go to the rainbow bridge and are young and happy and play together while they wait for their humans to join them.  When their human joins them, then together they cross the rainbow bridge into Heaven.

While as a Adventist Christian I don’t believe that we die and go to straight to Heaven, a part of me hopes that even though dogs don’t have “Souls”, but “souls” that maybe there is a place like the Rainbow Bridge out there and when I do get to Heaven I will find them again.  I’ve lost more animals in the last 3 years then I ever thought would be possible, but that is one of the dangers of working in rescue and loving animals.

I learned this evening that an old dog friend of my Roxy passed away recently. She was an old Chocolate Lab who spent most of her time hanging around the little boarding academy (high school) in the little community where my parents live.  I worked at the school a few years ago, and Roxy became my buddy.  She met me at the car almost every morning for a morning rub and a lick hello.  She was old and white at the muzzle even back then, and we guessed her age to be somewhere in the mid teens.  Now at the age of 20 she died on the campus of the little school she loved.

Roxy in a rare snow – March 2008

A part of me hopes that somewhere near Heaven there is a field of my lost alpacas being watched over by Seaberry the Great Pyr and Abbie, Beretta, Zelda and my other babies who have passed away are playing and waiting for me to join them.