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I read a blog this evening about being a book killer.  People, who in the name of craftiness & art have torn apart hard back books(in many cases new books) to create a ‘hidden’ box.  The point of the blogger was the books themselves are not ‘sacred’ but simply things and that many of us stick on a shelf and never touch again.

I found myself agreeing and disagreeing all at the same time.  I have a lot of books in my home. Okay, I have a LOT of books in my home.  I would guess somewhere between 600-800 would be a decent estimate.  I’ve read just about every one of them.  I will admit that there are a few that are my sister’s that I just couldn’t read.  I’ve got everything from signed 1st Editions down to cheap paperbacks from Wal-Mart.  I’ve read them all at least twice.  If I read a book and know that I will never read it again, it gets traded in at the used book store or passed on to a friend.

For me books aren’t something that just sit on shelves and look pretty and require the occasional dusting. They are old friends, to whom I return to time after time.  There are certain books that I have replaced 4 or 5 times because I have read it so many times it have literally fallen to pieces. I have treasured books that I would cry over losing, like my 1865 edition of The Works of Tennyson…It really isn’t worth much, about $50, but I hunted for years to find that book, to me it something sacred (little s) and shouldn’t be messed with.

I wouldn’t be able to ruthlessly disembowel on of my friends to use for fodder in a useless art project.  If I want a box, I’ll get a box, I would want it to look like a box!  I have books why would I want to ‘hide’ a box among them…decorating sense tells me that a box on the shelves mixed in with my books would be visually refreshing and break up the hard lines…

Or perhaps it is the waste of money that bothers me.  Unlike the pictures I posted above, these people spent at least $50 on new books just to rip them apart and glue pieces of them on a box…Most any school library would love a donation of NEW hard back books that are currently popular with the kids, or even just to have the $50 for supplies…It just seems like a waste.