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Today started a new challenge.  I am taking part in a reading of the Bible, in chronological order, over the course of 90 day!  You can read more about it over at Mom’s Toolbox.  

I’m choosing to read in chronological order as I believe it may give me a fresh and cohesive view of the Bible I’ve never had before.  I’m also choosing to read online from the Bible Gateway.  They have dozens of different versions of the Bible available to read online with a search feature!

I’m actually reading from two different versions for this challenge.  The first is the New King James, which is what I have used since Academy (High School).  The second is the Complete Jewish Bible, which uses traditional Hebrew names instead of the Anglo/English names we are use to reading.  I am starting my reading with the Jewish version and following it with the NKJV if I think there are differences or I’m not sure of something.

This morning we read Genesis 1-14 taking us from Creation through the abduction of Lot.  It was a pretty easy read for the most part.  It was interesting to see how some of the wording changed from version to version, but the jest was the same. Technically we were suppose to read a portion of 1 Chronicles dealing with the genealogies, but there are some errors in our reading guide they are working on fixings so I will read those later in the week after the correct reading order has been issued.

On a slightly different note: I’m looking for a good online devotional to read.  Please leave me a comment if you have one to suggest!!

Be Blessed Everyone!