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Yesterday I had the wonderful joy of bring a little kitten to her new home!  NO NOT MINE! 🙂 This little baby was the last of a litter of 7 at our local pound and was at risk of being put to sleep and as soon as I saw her I knew where she belonged!  She belonged with my buddy Josh 🙂  Josh was one of my clients, and he and his mom are now my friends.  Josh LOVES cats, but due to some rather silly people and a major misrepresentation of the rules about a program Josh takes part in he hasn’t been able to have a cat. After talking about it for a couple of months I found out that Josh & his mom have decided to get the silly people out of their lives and work with people who actually care about Josh and what he wants…and that includes having a cat!  So I had great joy in being able to save this baby and deliver her to Josh last night.  I’m hoping to get a picture of them together to post soon.  When I left last night she didn’t have a name, Josh informed me that you shouldn’t rush names, so for right now she is “Baby Girl” 🙂Image