Well…I didn’t do so well on not eating solids as I had planned…Getting sick with an ear infection, and tonsillitis was not what on the original schedule! I gave in and a some garlic and red pepper toast on Day 4 and it was down hill from there 😦 I found out that K cheated every night, she never had a juice only day…

All last week I juiced for breakfast and lunch and eat something healthy for dinner. I didn’t juice at all on Sunday. As I expected some of the weight came back right away, but I have hung at the 10 lbs. mark for about 5 days now. Yesterday I juiced, but crashed in defeat when offered chex mix. Today I did well with no solid food. The current plan is to juice during the week and have a healthy meal or two on the weekend or if major munchies hit. I’m very partial to hummus and I’m happy eating it with a spoon instead of with pita πŸ™‚ Will see how it goes. Would be much easier if I lived by myself I think.

We were able to improve the juice though and that has really helped! We are using a paint strainer to pull out the extra pulp that my low cost juicer lets through. It has been much better since we started doing that.

The juice I’m making right now is about 50/50 fruit and veggies. I’m trying to add in more veggies, but right now I’m sticking to carrots, sweet potato, kale, broccoli, celery, & spinach.

And I promise to be better about my posts even if I fail like last week!