Monday(day 2) wasn’t too bad as a whole.  I still had a headache so I opted to stay home from work and do a few things around the house.  I made a fruit juice for breakfast with pluots and a few greens hidden in it.  Lunch was the rough one.  I made an alternate version of the Gazpacho recipe and it was worse.  I couldn’t finish it off.  Dinner was a slightly different touch of Sunday nights.  It was pretty good.

Tuesday (day 3) today was a bit rougher.  I got up at 5am pulled out all of the things I needed for the morning juice and got started.  After finishing that I started to pull out the things for the lunch juice to realize it was already 5:45 and I’m suppose to be at work at 6am!  Had to leave K to finish up the lunch juice and she brought it to me at work.  Both of those juices were decent and I didn’t have a problem drinking them.

However, unlike Sunday and Monday I thought about food a LOT.  Not really cravings just thinking about what kinds of things I will eat when this is finished.  Thought a LOT about hummus lol  Not really hungry this evening so I think I’m going to skip my 3rd juice of the day and just drink water for the rest of the night.

I’m trying to look at the positives.  As of this evening I’m down 8 lbs. I know the weight loss won’t continue at this rate, but I’ll take every pound I can while it lasts 🙂