I’ve made it through the day with out vomiting! yeah…that really was an option.

K & I started this morning by making “Happy Juice” made out of Strawberries, black grapes, green beans, cucumber & carrots…it wasn’t too bad.  I was able to get it down.  I can’t say it was great, but I think it will grown on me.  I really don’t care for the smell or taste of cucumber so it is going to take a while.

I was excited about lunch.  We made “Gazpacho” with Tomatoes, onions, red bell pepper, parsley, cucumber, lime and a little garlic.  I was thinking it was going to taste like cold tomato sauce or even just cold tomato soup…it was pretty nasty.  I power chugged it down and managed to keep it down, but we will be playing with that combination to try and make it better.  I’m thinking we need less tomato and more garlic…and a little salt would be GREAT

Dinner.  I really didn’t want to juice anything else, but I knew I had to drink it.  Dinner was “PCOS Green” Spinach, Kale, snap peas, brussel sprouts, cucumber, carrot, ginger and an orange.  It smelled worse then it tasted again I think it was the cucumber…smelled a bit like moldy grass.  The taste wasn’t nearly as bad as lunch but the smell was worse!  I managed to get all 20+ ounces down but it was a struggle.

Overall it wasn’t a bad first day.  I managed to get in 3 large juices, but not all of my water.  I woke up with a slight sinus head ache and it expanded and grew all afternoon.  I finally gave in about 4:30pm and took some ibuprofen and it started to go away.  I wasn’t hungry today and didn’t have a problem wanting to eat, but I’m sure it will happen 🙂