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Wow, I can’t believe I can still access this blog! GREAT 🙂

Well, almost 3 years have gone by since I last posted on the rubenesque hippo(RH).  As with many things life took over and it fell by the wayside, but now I’m back!

2011 was a pretty bad year for me health wise.  Long story short, in an attempt to get healthy and have a baby I went on to BeYaz birth control, developed a LARGE pulmunary embolism and spent the first week of April in the hospital.  The change in my hormones and being on blood thinners aggravated my PCOS and caused constant and heavy bleeding, leading to me spending 4th of July weekend in the hospital getting 8 units of blood.  I had to have a hysterectomy the end of August.  Since then I have slowly been getting my life back in order and dealing with all of the fall out both mental & physical.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine, Shannon, told me about a documentary, “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead” and suggested I watch it. it is about Joe & Phil who both do 60 day juice fasts and lose a lot of weight and get healthy including remission of a chronic auto-immune disease.  I highly suggest it for anyone who wants to start healing their body and getting healthy.  Thanks to Joe & Phil in the film(and of course Shannon!) My sister K & I have decided we are going to do a 60 day juice fast too.  I’m going to use the RH to document my progress 🙂

Today K and I drove into Dallas and went to the Farmer’s market and picked up all of the fruits and veggies we need to complete the first week of juicing.  We are going 100% juice with NO food solids of any kind for 60 days. We came home with $200 worth of fresh fruits and veggies to make our juices with for the first 7 days.  I was worried about the expense at first, but after looking at what we have been spending on vitamin supplements, groceries, energy drinks & take out I think we will end up spending about the same amount of money in the long run.

Tonight was just about getting the fridge cleaned out and all of the fresh stuff put away.  We will get up in the morning and really get started.  I am so excited!!