If there is anyone out there who is still reading this you will find that I haven’t been posting for the last 10 days or so….I got a rather disturbing email and I have been trying to decide how to deal with it.

The brunt of the email was that I am not part of the FA movement, and therefore I am a horrible, horrible person…and the fact that I don’t label myself a feminist is even worse!

No…I’m not 100% on the FA bandwagon. I think some pretty crummy things have been done in the name of FA.

I am one of those fat women who are actually very healthy despite being fat. I deal with the fat stigma that we are subjected to all the time. I hear several times a week that if I would just get off my fat ass and exercise or stop sitting on the sofa eating ice cream I would be “healthy”.  I get called names will I’m grocery shopping.  I’ve been called a “Fat Cow” or “Fat Pig” numerous times.  Usually by 20-something boys. 

Do I want to lose weight? Yes, I think I would like to be a smaller size then my current 28w that I am now. As I get older I can see how my weight has affected me, and I would like to minimize the effects of age as well as I can, and part of that is losing a little weight.

I’m not trying to be unrealistic and get down to 130 lbs as the charts say I should be. I would love to get down to 250, but if 300 is all I ever manage I’m ok with that too.

Just because I want to loss some weight…FOR ME, doesn’t mean that I don’t support the FA movement.

Now the Feminist this…that’s a whole nother ballgame lol