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I think the biggest question most fat people have is this:

What is the “perfect” weight?

Do we believe the antiquated and misguided height/weight chart, do we use the much hyped BMI score, or do we go off of what our friends and family say, or do we dare to trust ourselves?

I’m going to do what most fat women dread. I’m going to give you a number.  18 🙂  hahaha no my real number is Three Hundred Seventy-One. That would be pounds.  That was my highest weight.  I was at that for about 4 months before I settled back into a ‘comfortable’ 365lbs.  My scale is currently broken, but I believe that I am in the 355-360 range at the moment. I wear clothes in the 28-32W range.  It all depends on the cut of the garment and who it is produced by.

I’m working towards a goal of 225-250 lbs.  I want to have a baby in the next year or so and that is my “safe” weight to try for a sustanable pregnancy. 

I liked how my body looked at 200lbs.  I was very curvy and LOVED it.  I don’t think I have ever felt as womanly and sexy as I did in the 200 pound range.  To be honest, I don’t remember much about life before 200, I was just a kid, and I never paid a whole lot of attention to my weight except for the times when my mother would worry about it. 

If you believe the height/weigh charts at 5’4 I should only weigh #130-135…yeah…that will only happen after I’ve been in the grave for 6 months!  BMI is just another way to enforce that same ratio, it’s just put into another form.

Other things that I see people use are the body fat percentages, using scales or calipers…none of them are accurate.  I’ve seen young, lithe, skinny women show up with a body fat %35 because they carried what little bit of fat they had left on the back of their arms and that’s what got pinched!

So what is a girl to do?  Do I try to achieve something that I have NEVER been in my adult life and strive to be the 135 lbs. thin person that “they” say I should be with a BMI under 25, or do I try to achieve what I think is possible?

Tell me what you think your perfect weight and why! I would love to hear what you think.