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It’s funny, I have the topics of my next 3 posts already outlined in my head, but this first one has me sitting here staring at my computer screen. I guess I should start out with my bio and why I decided to write this blog.


Well, I’m still working on the “Who am I” question, so here is the “Who I Am” at this point in time!

My name is Deebe(D.B.) I’m a 33 year old, over educated, non-degree-d, single,  super fat female.  I am an anglophile, a bibliophile, and a political centrist.  I have on going issues with my religion/spiritual life, anger, depression, perfection, my siblings, and my parents. Oh and my weight of course, that’s a given.  I think I’m a pretty average American woman, on the inside.

I live in the great State of Texas, and occasionally in the State of Denial, where I live with a herd of animals and my youngest sibling.  I’ve just recently rejoined the work force, after a brief hiatus, I’m not sure I like my new job yet, it pushes some of my boundries and I’m still deciding if I want to expand them or not.


The short answer: “I want to reach out to other fat people, especially women, and let them know they aren’t the only one out there.”

The Long answer: I have spent the majority of my life stuggling to NOT BE FAT.  I went to my first official diet program at the age of 9, abet unwillingly.  Over the last several years I have decided to stop the stuggle!  About a year ago I was reading an amazing blog about the Fantasy of being Thin.  I was amazed! Here I had some how believed that I was the only fat person who thought like that!! I started thinking about all of the things that people had discouraged me from doing, trying, or seeing until I was “thinner” or “lighter”.    I’m staring down middle age, and I realize that I’m unhappy, and stuck in a rut with my “when I get get below 250 pounds” thinking.

In my next post I’ll hit on some of the things that make my tick…and tick me off 🙂